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Mais bien sûr, les chanteurs Francais!
Mais bien sûr, les chanteurs Francais!
To celebrate the wonder that is French music, both past and present.

Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Air, Camille, Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg, Marie Callas, opera, even Plastic Bertrand!

Made by Emily, an Australian who has recently discovered a new passion for France.

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"My trade is a lonely one. I’m a craftsman, if you like. It so happens that these days singers are better paid than blacksmiths." - Jacques Brel, Nous les artistes (a documentary about the life and music of Jacques Brel)


Edith Piaf, Mon Légionnaire, 1937


Quand On A Que l’Amour | Jacques Brel (by mfkier)

Jacques Brel’s “Quan on a que l’amour.”

As suggested by lovestohug.

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Lady Gaga singing Hair in French!

HOW CAN SOMETHING THIS NONSENSICAL MAKE ME CRY SO MUCH. I’m crying right now, THIS IS SO AMAZING. Waahhhh, I just want to be loved for who I am tooooooo AHEhejufgjdkfgruwrer (crying noises).

I thought some of you bears may enjoy.

Lady Gaga is, of course, not French, but she’s singing in French!

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Coeur De Pirate, Comme Des Enfants

"When you write a song, most of the words you use are in black and white, and then, from time to time, you use one that’s in color. These words in color are a part of ourselves, because we give them a meaning. If you like, we give them a third dimension." - Jacques Brel, Nous les artistes (a documentary about his life and music)

Camélia Jordana - Moi C’Est 

"Quand tu ris j’adore
Quand je ris aussi j’adore
Pourquoi te changer de décor

Pourquoi c’est comme ça
Plutôt que le cinéma
Et pourquoi t’es jamais raccord”

Incredibly cute song and a great singer, even if she did come through Idol. Her mother is an Algerian opera singer.

Hi ! I found your tumblr just right now. I'm french and when I saw "fuckyeahfrenchsingers" I was like " waw.. what the hell is that ?!" ahah
First I saw many Francis Cabrel songs and I was like " eoww! I really hate that man !" and I thought there were only "old" singers on your tumblr. But there are a lot of singers that I actually don't know ! (What a shame ! :O )

In brief, in any case your tumblr is cool !
Signed a French which - I hope- does not make too much mistakes in English!

Ahhh t’es francaise, donc je vais essayer repondre en francais ^_^ Tu parles tres bien l’anglais, beaucoup plus mieux que je parle le francais, haha…

Ouais, j’aime un ou deux chansons de Francis Cabrel, mais pas beaucoup. J’espere que t’a trouvé quelquechose que tu aime ici :) Et merci!

(Translation for other readers: Ah, you’re French, I’ll try to reply in french then. You speak English very well, much better than I speak French, haha. Yeah, I like one or two Francis Cabrel songs, but not much. I hope you found something here that you like. And thank you!)

Salut encore! 

J’suis tres tres desolee, j’etais TROP paresseuse, j’ai pas ecrit depuis longtemps…

And I apologise if any of the above was fucked up. My French improved bucketloads on exchange but now that I’ve been back for a few weeks it’s all leaving me… I miss France so much (hence the lack of posts for the past while), I feel incomplete not being there.


Posting should resume soon, I have a couple of ideas to update and make it better! If any of you guys have any ideas of your own or anything you think should be posted, message me and we can discuss things or I you can give me your email and we can communicate there as well. You can also submit something using the handy SUBMIT function!

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Merci et bon annee a tous mes followers! 


"To be bourgeois is to have a certain type of materialism. You have to think of what that means. It means everything that destroys dreams, everything that destroys anything attractive. That’s what being bourgeois means for me. It means security. It’s a type of mediocrity of the spirit. It’s everything I dislike." -

Jacques Brel, Nous les artistes (a documentary about his life and music)

I should note here that Brel was actually Belgian, but he sang in French and was most well known in France. Plus he was amazing so it doesn’t matter where you put him…